Your manuscript is both good and original; but the parts that are good are not original, and the parts that are original are not good.

Kin Hubbard

Bees are not as busy as we think they are. They just can't buzz any slower.

Dick Allen

If a horse can't eat it, I don't want to play on it.

Casey Stengel

The secret of managing is to keep the guys who hate you away from the guys who are undecided.

A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.

I never knew an auctioneer to lie, unless it was absolutely necessary.

Asthma doesn't seem to bother me anymore unless I'm around cigars or dogs. The thing that would bother me most would be a dog smoking a cigar.

The best one can say of most modern creative art is that it is just a little less vulgar than reality.

Frank Lloyd Wright

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his client to plant vines.


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