Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We know accurately only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases.

The tipping custom originated in England when small sums were dropped into a box marked T.I.P.S., To Insure Prompt Service.

Andy Rooney

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.

Edward Harriman

Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.

Isadora Duncan

The finest inheritance you can give to a child is to allow it to make its own way, completely on its own feet.

John Holt

No use to shout at them to pay attention. If the situations, the materials, the problems before the child do not interest him, his attention will slip off to what does interest him, and no amount of exhortation of threats will bring it back.

Enthusiasm is that kindling spark which marks the difference between the leaders in every activity and the laggards who put in just enough to "get by."

Thoughts, like fleas, jump from man to man, but they don't bite everybody.

If people did not prefer reaping to sowing, there would not be a hungry person in the land.


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